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8KSpy is a Real Time 8K SEC filings screener and scanner. NASDAQ, OTC, NYSE and Amex markets are covered.

Pre 14, Def 14 and Form 15 filings are also scanned and will generate alerts.

8KSpy searches each 8K/Pre 14/Def 14/Form 15 Filing as soon as it is filed and scans for certain phrases like 'reverse merger', 'forward split', 'change in control', 'reverse split' etc.

When a phrase is found in a filing, an Alert is sent out immediately. This can be either EMail, or/and SMS to a mobile device.

8KSpy will also alert when a Company files an 8K/Pre 14/Def 14 that shows they are planning to do a Reverse Split. This will give you a heads up and an opportunity to get out before this becomes common knowledge.

See the FAQ for more info.

Also, 8KSpy members get a DDAmanda and Daily List Spy membership at no extra charge.

Our Guarantee: If within 30 Days, for any reason, you are not happy with 8K Spy,
you will get a 100% refund.

Some previous 8KSpy Alerts (This is just a Small sample):

11-7-19 RBNW +303%
7-16-19 PVDG +350%
7-1-19 DCGD +971%
9-8-17 QSIM +175%
9-8-17 OPMZ + 133%
3-6-17 TXHD +733%
3-1-17 AQNM +302%
11-6-17 CEGX +353%
1-7-16 SSGI +1300%
5-26-16: LFAP +417%
1-20-16: SFOR +743% (971% HOD)
12-28-15 SBFM +269% as of EOD 12-28
11-19-15: CAPV. Alerted on 11-16. +800%
10-19-15: GDSI +350% as of 10-21
7-8-15: VTPI High+400%
7-6-15: OCFN High+1000%
4-16-15: REVO High: +90%
4-14-15: TGRI High +500%
4-13-15: ECMZ High +150%
4-9-15: VGTL: High: +100%

8KSpy Memberships are $295/Month and $265/Month with a Promo Code. There are Discounts for 6 month and yearly Memberships. DDAmanda and DailyListSpy are included.




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